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General Questions

Q: How can I contact the Master of Supply Chain Office?

A: Telephone: 734.647.1396
     Fax: 734.763.7804

Q: How many credits can a student take outside of the MSCM program?

A: With permission of the program director, you may take up to 3 credits outside of the Ross School of Business but within the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor campus.

Q: Do you offer a part-time MSCM program?

A: At this time we do not offer a part-time version of the MSCM program.

Q: Does Ross grant deferrals?

A. Requests to defer admission to the MSCM Program are reviewed by the Admissions Committee. Only in cases of documented, extraordinary personal circumstances is it even considered. Deferrals are never granted for work or visa-related reasons. If granted, deferrals are limited to one year.

Q: How do I check my residency status?

A: Contact the Residency office at (734) 764-1400. Residency information is also available online at