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Q: Can I waive out of courses?

A: Students are typically not allowed to waive out of the core courses. Depending on the students’ prior academic background, work experience and/or skill sets, they may be considered to waive out of selected business skills boot camp modules and, in some cases, a core MSCM course.

Q: Do you offer any joint or dual degree program(s)?

A: We provide the option for admitted MSCM students to create and pursue a dual degree with another graduate/professional program at the University of Michigan - Ann Arbor. They are called "Student Initiated Dual Degree (SIDD)". In this format, students pursue two graduate degrees simultaneously.

A couple examples of possible SIDD combinations are: MSCM/IOE (Industrial Operations Engineering), MSCM/SNRE (School of Natural Resources), and MSCM/SPH (School of Public Health).

For more information about MSCM Student Initiated Dual Degrees, contact the MSCM program office at 734-647-1396 or