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The Ross MSCM Program positions students to assume leadership positions in supply chain management and operations. Supply chain professionals are in high demand, and MSCM graduates are working in locations as diverse as Chicago; San Jose, Calif.; Houston; Singapore; the Philippines; and Venezuela. They are impacting such industries as telecommunications, consulting, oil and gas, computers and electronics, automotive, logistics, transportation, and manufacturing.

Students of the MSCM program enjoy great success when it comes to placement in full-time positions and internships.

Graduates of the MSCM program are working for companies such as:

The positions held within these companies include supply chain analysts, senior consultants, supply chain managers, directors, and vice presidents, as well as positions in leadership development rotational programs.

Ross MSCM graduates enjoy such success in the full-time job market because our program's unique design packs numerous opportunities for students to build their network and gain hands-on experience that complements their studies.

Historical MSCM Employment Data illustrates the placement success that  graduates have experienced.

Students also enjoy access to the Ross School's highly regarded Career Services Office. Career Services is well-positioned for the economic climate into which our graduates are heading. We maintain close working relationships with a variety of firms that sponsor paid summer projects and recruit Ross students to join them after graduation. Due to the unique nature of the MSCM Program, we offer pre-arrival career counseling in order to help students clarify goals.

Career Services consists of two staff groups — career counseling and recruiter relations — that provide such critical resources as:

  • Individual counseling and workshops
    • self-assessment
    • job search strategy
    • self-directed search
    • resume writing
    • networking
    • interviewing skills
    • negotiating skills
  • Online databases
  • Recruiting events and corporate presentations
  • On-campus interviewing

A distinct advantage of the Ross MSCM Program is the connection between students and industry leaders via the MSCM Corporate Advisory Council. Council members are actively engaged in program development, summer projects, and other student initiatives. These relationships position Ross MSCM graduates to make an immediate impact in industry once they graduate.


  • Marisol Ferrandiz Mendoza
    MSCM ‘10
    Crew Manager
    LAN Chile, LATAM Airlines Group

    Santiago, Chile

    The leadership training at Ross has enabled Marisol Ferrandiz Mendoza, MSCM '10, to manage a large staff at a major airline.

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  • Roy Yoo
    MSCM '11
    Supply Chain Supervisor
    University of Michigan Health System

    Ann Arbor, Mich.

    Going through MSCM Boot Camp, Roy Yoo, MSCM '11, learned not only the basics of business, but a lot about himself.

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  • Jinjing Qian
    MSCM '11
    Manager, Global Supply Chain
    Microsoft Corp.

    Redmond, Wash.

    Jinjing Qian, MSCM '12, came to Ross not just for the MSCM Program, but to learn about American culture. Her hard work landed her a position at a famous company.

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  • Jim Beaver
    MSCM ‘12
    Commodity Sourcing Manager
    Parker Hannifin

    Richland, Mich.

    During a Tauber Institute project with ConAgra Foods Inc., operations-oriented Jim Beaver, MSCM '12, gained insight into high-level strategy.

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  • Malvika Bhatia
    BSE ‘11/MSCM ‘12
    Sourcing Manager
    Microsoft Corp.

    Redmond, Wash.

    As the co-founder of a company, Malvika wanted to gain deeper understanding of the supply chain. Action-based projects let her apply new knowledge immediately.

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  • Matthew Carson
    MSCM ‘12
    Perfect Execution Manager
    Emerson Electric Co.

    McKinney, Texas

    "The Ross MSCM gives you a solid tool kit you can apply to the most complex supply chain problem."

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  • Rahul Chowdhury
    MSCM ‘12
    Senior Manager
    Global Business
    Process, Wal-Mart Stores Inc.

    Bentonville, Ark.

    Rahul says his Ross education helped him gain a global perspective on supply chain management, but it also gave him essential career development tools.

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  • Amanda Hillman
    MS/MSCM ‘12
    Supply Chain and Manufacturing Consultant

    Chicago, Ill.

    Amanda was the first MSCM student to earn a dual degree through the Ross School and U-M’s School of Natural Resources and Environment.

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  • Shashank Kadetotad
    MSCM ‘12
    Operations Manager

    Chattanooga, Tenn.

    Shashank came to Ross because of its reputation and world-class faculty. But by graduation, he found his peers were an equally valuable part of his experience.

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  • Jingjing Qian
    MSCM ‘12
    Manager, Global Supply Chain
    Microsoft Corp.

    Seattle, Wash.

    Jinging came to Ross not just for the MSCM Program, but to learn about American culture. Her hard work landed her a position at a famous American company.

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  • Amy Betke
    MSCM '09
    Supply Chain Engineer
    Ryder Supply Chain Solutions

    Novi, Mich.

    "I learned a lot from the classes and professors, but I learned a lot from my peers, too."

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  • Mike Duffy
    Executive VP
    of Global Manufacturing & Supply Chain

    Cardinal Health

    "The MSCM Program delivers candidates who learn to think and act like general managers. Having leaders with both supply chain expertise and strong business acumen is critical for us to deliver on our goals and strategies."

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  • Kevin Harrington
    VP of Global Business Operations

    Cisco Systems Inc.

    "By contributing to the Corporate Advisory Council, I get to know the MSCM students firsthand. It’s a great opportunity to watch students perform and develop, which greatly informs hiring decisions."

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  • Suresh Krishna
    VP of Global Operations and Integration

    Polaris Industries Inc.

    "Working with faculty and students on Tauber projects is a great way for me to tap some tremendous expertise and generate results in a very, very short period of time. That connection between industry and academia is a unique cornerstone of this program."

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  • Sanjay Ramaswamy
    Chief Information Officer, Supply Chain

    Johnson & Johnson

    "There’s an incredible openness on the part of the Ross faculty to invite industry leaders’ ideas about what is most relevant to the work we do. By shaping the curriculum, CAC members help make sure MSCM students hit the ground running."

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  • Samar Sarma
    Principal Consultant, Value Chain Planning Group


    "As an alumnus, I feel the one-year format is perfect for the person who is sure about a career in supply chain management. You get into industry quickly and see a fast return on your investment. I enjoy sharing my perspective as a member of the CAC."

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