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On Campus

The Ross state-of-the-art facility was designed specifically to support action-based learning. Every detail, from the large, U-shaped classrooms to the glass-enclosed Davidson Winter Garden, demonstrates our commitment to a creative, interactive experience that integrates individual preparation, team-based projects, and leading-edge technology.

More than 70 student clubs and organizations support professional, social, and community interests.

Off Campus

When you venture off campus and into Ann Arbor, you will find a sophisticated yet warm community whose fabric is formed by people, ideas, and cultures from around the world. Some 16 percent of the city’s population is foreign-born; 20 percent speak a language other than English at home. The cultural diversity that permeates the city makes Ann Arbor a wonderful place to pursue a graduate business degree.

Around the World

As a Ross graduate, you will belong to a worldwide community of more than 40,000 Ross alumni. At the same time, you enter a U-M alumni family that counts more than half a million members across the globe.