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Action-Based Learning

ACTION-BASED LEARNING: This distinctive feature of the Ross School of Business gives you an unparalleled educational experience.

Action-based learning follows a continuous cycle of observation and analysis, conceptualization and hypothesis forming, and experimentation. Action-based learning develops students' abilities to think independently, function without sufficient data, change their minds in mid-stream, negotiate, and continually reflect and inquire. Developing this ability for reflective inquiry is a key differentiator between action learning and classroom teaching.

Action based learning

Action-based learning informs how our faculty teach, the way our students interact with one another, and how we think about leadership. Action-based learning is messy. It exposes you to uncertainty. It puts you on the edge. It asks that you combine imagination, analytical rigor, and judgment. It provides an experience you won't get from a case, a lecture, or internships. It's designed to foster resilience. At Ross, action-based learning is interwoven throughout the MM curriculum. It is a key component of the elective courses that you can take. These "capstone" elective courses tie together the knowledge you learn and apply it to real-world business problems. Examples of past company participants include Target, Fox Sports, and Kraft.