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Multidisciplinary Action Projects (MAP)

Our MAP program immerses first-year MBA students in the real world of business. For seven weeks, you’ll work exclusively with a corporate, entrepreneurial, or nonprofit entity – either in the U.S. or abroad – to solve a challenging problem. Click here for a list of past projects.

Each MAP team – four to six Ross MBA students with faculty guidance – collaborates to define the challenge and develop a solution. Project work takes place at both the company site and in Ann Arbor, and concludes with each team presenting its analyses and recommendations to the sponsor in both a written report and a final presentation.

The sponsor benefits from Ross’ methods, tools and dedicated students, ultimately gaining a practical and thoughtful response to its challenge. The students gain irreplaceable real-world experience in problem solving, teamwork and critical thinking.

In MAP, you don’t just study the case – you are the case.