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Financial Aid

At Ross, we believe that the lack of necessary financial resources should not be a barrier to attending our MBA Program. A number of scholarships, fellowships, and guaranteed loan packages are available, and approximately two-thirds of students at Ross receive some form of financial aid.

For an overview of Tuition and Costs, click here.


Applicants are automatically considered for scholarships during the admission process; no separate application is required. Apply in rounds one and two for scholarship consideration. A limited number of additional scholarships are available. Information on these scholarship opportunities is here.

Loan Options

The University of Michigan participates in the Federal Direct Lending program. Federal unsubsidized, Perkins and Grad PLUS loans are available to qualifying U.S. citizen and permanent resident students. Details are here.

Private loans are also available to U.S. citizen and permanent resident students. International students may also apply, provided they have a qualifying U.S. citizen or permanent resident cosigner. Details are here.


Ross is proud to support our veterans as a Yellow Ribbon school. The Board of Regents at the University of Michigan has extended our participation in Yellow Ribbon by offering in-state tuition status to all those who serve.

Application for In-State Tuition on the Basis of Service is effective January 2014. You must apply and provide the appropriate supporting documentation. Details and application steps are here.

Applying for Aid

The Ross Financial Aid Office will assist you with your financial aid questions and processing. Connect to their website here.