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Fast Track in Finance

Fast Track in Finance prepares you to succeed in finance-related careers. Its accelerated pace enables you to successfully compete for internships requiring advanced financial skills.


The Fast Track in Finance begins as soon as you start at Ross, still enabling you to take advantage of the signature aspects of Ross' general management core.

By obtaining permission to waive the core accounting course (ACC 502) through waiver or successful completion of the Accounting waiver prep course, you will take the accelerated Financial Analysis core course (FIN 513) during the Fall A term of your first year. In Fall B, you will take Valuation (FIN 615), a case-based valuation course.

Other options in Fast Track include Financial Modeling (FIN 575), which covers modeling financial statements, leverage buyout models, and portfolio choices in Excel; and Applied Investment Management (FIN 604), for students interested in a career in asset management, sales and trading, or private wealth management.


Fast Track in Finance Curriculum

Beyond the classroom

Ross offers many ways to accelerate your path to financial careers:

Career Services

Career Services and student clubs will ensure your success in interview preparation, pursuing internships and post-graduation employment.

Fast Track in Finance students also receive specialized interview advice from senior representatives of leading firms in the financial industry. 2013 participants included Barclays, Piper Jaffray, JP Morgan, Lazard and Wells Fargo.

Getting Started

You can start the Fast Track in Finance by meeting two requirements:

  • Waive out of the Financial Accounting core course, ACC 502.
    You can do this in one of two ways: If you have a background in accounting and meet the detailed guidelines, you can submit a Core Course Waiver Request Form on or before June 2, 2014.

    Or, you can register for and successfully complete the Accounting Waiver Preparatory Course. This course will be held July 31-Aug. 5, 2014; register by July 2, 2014.
  • Complete the required preparatory work in finance.
    Complete the FTF Interest Form to declare your interest in taking FIN 513 during the Fall A term. You will be notified of online resources designed to prepare you for FIN 513 and assess your readiness. The time commitment for the preparatory work will vary depending on your background, but it's designed to require 6-8 hours of work per week for about four weeks.

Results of the accounting waiver preparatory exam will be announced around Aug. 15, 2014. Soon thereafter, Ross Academic Services will issue enrollment permissions for FIN 513 to students who satisfy both requirements.

Fast Track in Finance FAQs

What is Fast Track in Finance? [+]

Fast Track in Finance is a Ross initiative designed for students interested in finance-related careers. The primary focus is on fundamental skills required in fields such as investment banking, private equity, corporate finance, and investment management. The goal is to prepare students for summer internship positions at the end of their first year through an accelerated sequence of courses.

Is Fast Track in Finance right for me if I don't have a background in finance? [+]

The renowned financial economist Fischer Black had no formal training in either economics or finance. So long as you have the interest and determination to improve your analytical and financial skills, you are encouraged to sign up for the preparatory work over the summer to assess your readiness to take the accelerated finance core course during the Fall A term. You will also have to waive the introductory accounting course. Even if you end up taking the non-accelerated curriculum, the preparatory work over the summer will set a good foundation for your course work thereafter.

Why do I have to waive out of the core accounting course? [+]

Waiving out of the core accounting course (ACC 502) creates space during the Fall A term of the first-year curriculum for students to enroll in the accelerated finance core course (FIN 513), which serves as the gateway course for the Fast Track. In addition, some basic knowledge of accounting is very helpful in exposing you to applications of finance, and taking the accounting waiver preparatory course over the summer, if needed, will be beneficial.

Why do I have to take preparatory work over the summer? [+]

The preparatory work over the summer serves as a boot camp to help students bridge the gap between their existing financial knowledge and the minimum required to ensure effective learning in the accelerated finance core course (FIN 513) during the Fall A term.

What courses are offered in Fast Track in Finance? [+]

Four courses are currently in place for students in the Fast Track, including FIN 513 Financial Analysis in Fall A, FIN 615 Valuation in Fall B, and FIN 575 Financial Modeling and FIN 604 Applied Investment Management in Winter A.

If I don't enroll in FTF, can I still pursue a career in finance? [+]

Yes. Ross students have secured jobs and established successful careers in finance prior to the establishment of the Fast Track Finance, and there are many paths towards this goal. Recently, it has been more common for companies to limit full-time hiring to those candidates who have secured internships. In light of this trend, it is more important for students interested in finance-related careers to prepare themselves as soon as they begin at Ross. Fast Track Finance is one of those ways. Another way is to do well in the regular finance core and take advantage of all the programming and preparation the Ross Finance club has to offer.

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