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Ross faculty are among the most influential business minds in the world. Ross research impacts the way business is both taught and practiced. It makes headlines. It makes policy. It makes a difference.

Our faculty are respected scholars, expert consultants, and gifted teachers.  They bring diverse cultural, functional, and academic experience into the classroom, as diverse as the MBA students they teach.  

In the classroom—Ross faculty challenge students to learn business concepts and apply them in real business situations.  Led by faculty who care about developing leaders with strong analytical skills, students challenge one another to be their best, in a way that helps everyone learn.  Everyone at Ross has a learning orientation:  students, faculty, and staff.

Outside the classroom—From traditional case studies, to lectures, to simulations and team projects, you will be challenged to think about business and leadership in a variety of ways and from different perspectives.  Our commitment to action-based learning ensures that students bridge the gap between theory and practice.  In our signature MAP field project course, and many elective courses, faculty step outside their traditional classroom role to be advisers and coaches, guiding the student learning experience.

A commitment to learning—Our approach to teaching combines a commitment to analytical rigor, high academic standards and expectations, and a deep level of engagement in the classroom.  Faculty set high expectations and encourage students to take risks and develop critical thinking skills.

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Or, see new books by faculty, which cover such topics as outsourcing in the services industry, the nation’s dependence on the financial markets, and new game strategies to create and capture value.