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Evaluation Criteria

In order to build a strong and diverse class, we look for applicants who possess a number of key characteristics:

  • Strong intellectual ability as measured by GMAT and academic record
  • Leadership, initiative, and impact as evidenced through professional achievements, extracurricular activities, recommendation letters, and personal essays
  • Strong interpersonal and teamwork skills as demonstrated through recommendation letters, essays and team exercise
  • Clear goals and rationale for pursuing an MBA as demonstrated through essays
  • Fit with the Ross approach to management education as demonstrated through essays

Additional items:

  • Traditional business background not required
  • Individual evaluation occurs within context of larger applicant pool
  • No “formula” or “cutoff” determines a candidate’s outcome
  • There are no prerequisite courses for admission
  • Due to the analytical rigor of the program, it is expected that students have a working knowledge of college-level mathematics, including basic calculus. If you have not had this coursework, we recommend that you take a course that emphasizes business mathematics prior to beginning the program. Once admitted, all incoming students are required to complete a quantitative assessment to determine what additional preparation may be needed, if any. The purpose of the assessment is to help prepare students for success at Ross by ensuring mastery with the basic quantitative skills required in our MBA core courses.

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