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Tuition and Costs

Tuition Due Dates
Bills are sent approximately two weeks prior to the due date.  You must be enrolled in a term to be billed for tuition and fees.

NOTE:  Executive MBA students are enrolled in Fall, Winter, and Combined Spring/Summer terms.

Term Due Date
Fall August 31
Winter Always first day of University of Michigan winter term.  For 2013:  January 9
Spring April 30
Spring/Summer April 30
Summer June 30

University of Michigan Payment Options
For information on University of Michigan payment options, please visit the Student Financial Services website.

Residency Regulations
For questions regarding residency regulations, please contact: Residency Classification Office (734) 764-1400

  Full-time MBA Part-time MBA EMBA MAcc MSCM BBA


Executive MBA (EMBA) Program - Approved Budget Items

EMBA tuition includes tuition, fees, and all Executive MBA course materials (books, course packs, and handouts). In addition to tuition, all EMBA students may borrow funds to cover the following approved budget items. These budget items are listed for federal aid purposes and are not direct charges to the student.

Additional estimated financial aid budget expenses based on Fall/Winter 2012-13


$ 12,852

Personal Expenses

$ 4,042

The above Cost of Attendance budget was finalized by the University of Michigan Regents in June 2012.