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By Lisa Morgan, Michigan Ross Executive MBA Career Coach

As  your career coach, I can't "get you a job," but I can teach you career management skills and job search strategies that will pay off for you throughout the course of your career. We’ll first develop a personalized career management strategy, and then I’ll support you as you begin networking, identifying opportunities, interviewing, and negotiating offers. I’ll also encourage you to attend the career workshops, job search conference calls, and panel events we offer.
Focus.  The first thing we’ll do when we meet is talk about your goals and determine where you are in the job search process. It is absolutely essential to have a clear focus in your job search. If you are still trying to figure out exactly what it is you want to do, we’ll explore self-assessments and resources to help you find your calling and clarify your goals.

Smart Strategy.  Once you’ve identified your goals, we'll develop a customized job-search strategy. We’ll explore whether things like networking techniques, leveraging LinkedIn, attending conferences, conducting informational interviews, participating in professional organizations, meeting with executive recruiters, and searching executive-level job posting sites are suitable for accomplishing your goals.

Resume and Branding Materials.  Next we’ll make sure your branding materials are top notch. We’ll look at your resume, cover letters, LinkedIn profile, portfolio, and any other materials you may need to make your pitch. In improving your materials, we’ll make sure your personal brand and most marketable accomplishments are stated as clearly as possible. We’ll make sure your materials pass the “30-second look test” and are also more likely to be pulled if a company is using an electronic resume scanning process.

Zeroing in on Opportunities. I’ll then work with you to find position openings and help you make your approach and pitch. I’ll also connect you with job postings and resources in the Michigan Ross Office of Career Development. 

Stand-Out Interviews.  As you develop leads and move into interviews, I'll help you make sure you are prepared to shine when the moment counts. These days employers are conducting interviews in a variety of formats, and it’s important to be ready for any of them. I’ll help you effectively research the company and position, develop your most strategic talking points, and convey the value you bring to the table. We can conduct a mock interview and video it so you can gain feedback on your interview style. 

Negotiating the All-Important Offer. Once you get a job offer, negotiations are critical and often very stressful. I'll coach you through this process and help you advocate for what you want. I've helped clients get higher salaries and better benefits packages than initially offered. I also can help you intelligently assess whether an opportunity is right for you. At this stage of your career, it's vital to choose the *right* job, not just any job.

Making the Transition. And finally, I'll support you as you transition to your new career.  As a career coach, there’s nothing more thrilling for me than seeing you truly find your dream job. The search process can be challenging and overwhelming at times, but at the end of the day, it’s worth it.

Throughout the process, I’ll support, guide, and encourage you to keep moving forward when the going gets tough. Depending on the pace of your search, we can work together as frequently as once a week, or bi-weekly, monthly or quarterly.

After you make the transition, you can continue to consult with me on career strategy. I get an adrenaline rush every time I hear that someone I’ve worked with has earned a promotion or landed a new position.  It’s extremely gratifying for me to know that I’ve had a hand in someone’s success.

Lisa Morgan

Lisa Morgan
Michigan Ross Executive MBA
Career Coach

Lisa has coached and counseled more than 1,000 executives and professionals in the job search process over the past 10 years. Prior to joining Michigan Ross, she worked as a career consultant with a global career management firm and a leadership development coach with a Fortune 50 company. She also worked as an IT consultant supporting the auto industry.

She holds a BBA from Michigan Ross, an MSA from Central Michigan University, and a career coaching certification.


  • "The once-a-month format is a huge differentiator."

    Earning an MBA while staying on top of work and family commitments seemed like a tall order to Ryan Majkrzak, MBA '13, but Ross’ once-a-month format made it possible.

  • "I was able to apply Ross tools to my work right away."

    Matt Denninger, MBA '13, is a senior marketing manager for Advanced Energy Industries Inc.'s solar energy business. He says the tools he's gained at Ross already have enabled him to apply strategic change within his company.

  • "I'm gaining the business skills I need to manage change in healthcare."

    Betty Chu, MBA '13, is a physician and medical staff president. She says she knew that to be a successful leader and change agent, she had to expand her education beyond medicine.

  • "Faculty are very focused on practical, real-world application."

    Preston Young, MBA '13, says the Ross EMBA program is teaching him to see management and leadership strategy from entirely new angles.

  • "I'm tackling our toughest issues with confidence now."

    Tessa Myers, MBA '13, says she's at a point in her career where she's striving to contribute more value to the organization and take on more strategic responsibility over larger areas.

  • "My new position came as a direct result of the program."

    Prasanna Kumar, MBA '11, says he pursued an EMBA program to give him the skills and credibility to take his career further. In just a short time, the Ross experience delivered.

  • "Every part of the curriculum touched on an important aspect of my work."

    Luke Nachtrab, MBA ’11, describes how he looked at 25 of the top EMBA programs and chose Ross because of its strong emphasis on strategy and general management.

  • "I got a comprehensive set of tools I've been able to apply immediately in my work."

    The general management curriculum gave Larry Pemble, MBA ’11, knowledge he says he’s putting to use across his organization.

  • "I'm a stronger consultant to my clients and better business owner."

    Keisha Strong, MBA ’11, says the Ross EMBA is helping her make real world impact. As a consultant, she’s helping clients leverage her new knowledge for global expansion.

  • "The FBI is run like a business."

    FBI agent Jeff Brown, MBA '11, knows how to tackle bad guys. But the Ross EMBA Program has taught him to tackle finance, accounting, and other business fundamentals.

  • "Ross gave me great problem-solving tools."

    Mike Carscaddon, MBA '08, has nailed a solid foundation in international operations at Habitat for Humanity International. The Ross EMBA Program gave him the data-driven outlook needed for his nonprofit.

  • "The monthly format was ideal."

    John Chang, MBA '09, became a doctor in order to help people. But a contentious meeting with hospital administrators made him realize his profession is evolving — physicians now need a head for business.

  • "Ross made me a more effective leader."

    As a doctor and professor, Edith Mensah-Osman, MBA '11, is leveraging her MBA to lead the business side of research.
    She calls the Ross EMBA Program the best gift she's ever given herself.