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Student Testimonials

Mark T. Soliman, Ph.D.
Accounting, 2003
Associate Professor,
Foster School of Business at the University of Washington
  “The accounting doctoral program at Ross is among the best in the world without any qualification. Few other programs have the history and track record of producing so many talented new professors. The reason is simply the faculty. Unlike other schools where Ph.D. students are largely told to fend for themselves, the faculty at Ross foster, mentor and guide the students in an effort to help them succeed. They truly care about your education and help you succeed in every way possible. Few other schools can claim that, and the results are there to back it up. If I had to do it all over again, there is no doubt I would come back to Ross for my Ph.D.”

“Joining Michigan was easy, leaving is tough. When I arrived, the advantages were obvious: great university, great business school, great resources, great faculty and great summers. All that was indeed true. Coming from India, the only disadvantage seemed to be the harsh winters; but I discovered that winters were attractive too, because students can get more done without the outside distractions.

The financial support and research opportunities that Michigan provides to its Ph.D. students are unparalleled. As I prepare to leave, I can hardly think of any other place that offers as many opportunities for conducting cutting-edge research.”


Sunil Mithas, Ph.D. Sunil Mithas, Ph.D.
Business Information Technology, 2005
Assistant Professor,
University of Maryland

Jane Zhao, Ph.D. Jane Zhao, Ph.D.
Corporate Strategy, 2005
Assistant Professor,

University of Kansas


“Looking back, I realize the doctoral program at the Ross School of Business is a dual-rail system from beginning to end. One rail is helping doctoral students acquire extant knowledge, whereas the other is training students to generate new knowledge. With the incredible wealth of intellectual, institutional and financial resources at Michigan, anyone with a passion for learning and research can thrive and prevail along both rails.”

“The Ph.D. Program in Finance was an excellent developmental experience for me. What makes the program stand out is a strong emphasis on independent research, and the collegial and cooperative atmosphere among the faculty and students. The opportunity to learn from and work with an experienced researcher is invaluable and often results in co-authored research papers at a later stage.”


Christa Bouman, Ph.D. Christa H.S. Bouman, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor,
Case Western Reserve U

Katherine Lawrence, Ph.D. Katherine Lawrence, Ph.D.
Management and Organizations, 2005


“My decision to join the program at Michigan proved to be even better than I hoped. The faculty have been remarkably attentive and supportive, making sure that students receive both training and mentoring to succeed in the academic job market. The Ph.D. student community is also very welcoming.

A distinct advantage of Michigan overall is its support for interdisciplinary education and activities. That opportunity for interaction with others throughout the University has been a bonus that I hadn’t fully appreciated before I arrived!”

“The Ph.D. Program in Operations and Management Science does a fantastic job of providing its students with the methodological skills and training to tackle issues of prime concern to top operations managers across industries. We work closely with faculty on cross-disciplinary topics and are treated on par with faculty with respect to the resources provided for research and teaching. I have been truly excited to be a part of a highly intellectual and culturally diverse community comprising faculty, researchers and student colleagues.

“Ann Arbor is a great town to live in, with an abundance of extra-curricular activities to engage in. Simply put, I have had the most rewarding years of my life in the Ph.D. Program at the Ross School of Business.”


Ravi Subramanian, Ph.D. Ravi Subramanian, Ph.D.
Operations and Management, 2005
Assistant Professor,
Georgia Tech University