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Transcripts Issued by Institutions Outside the United States

The documents that we refer to as transcripts provide a listing of all courses taken and the grades received for each course. They are organized by term and year and include the institution's grading scale. For more detailed information about transcripts, please visit

In this context, the term "transcripts" specifically refers to work done at the university level. We do not review academic records from secondary schools (high schools). Records from secondary schools will be shredded.

Degree conferral

For transcripts from institutions that do not include information about students' degrees (the degree earned and the date or semester in which it was earned), applicants are required to submit a diploma or some other official documentation from the institution issuing the transcripts that shows this information.

Language of instruction and the transcript process

If the language of instruction at your institution was English, you do not need to take any additional steps.

If the language of instruction at the institution issuing the transcript was anything other than English, there are additional requirements which are detailed below.


Official paper copies sent to Rackham
When sending transcripts from institutions where the primary language of instruction is not English, applicants are required to send the transcript in the language of instruction along with a literal, certified translation of each page of the transcript (including the diploma, if applicable).

Please visit the Rackham page for specific information listed by country.


Electronic copies submitted as part of the online application
You only are required to scan and submit the literal, certified translation of your transcript and diploma (if relevant) as a part of your online application.