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What happens after I apply?

A General Overview of our Process

It is important to note that we receive 400-600 applications each year. If you apply late in the cycle (any time after November 30th), there could be several hundred applications ahead of yours in the queue. Applications are processed on a first in, first out basis. Application materials are screened by the staff of the Doctoral Studies Program (DSP) for completeness.

Once an application is determined to be complete, it is forwarded on to the appropriate admissions committee. There are eight committees - one for each specialized area of the program. These committees are typically composed of faculty members; however, some also include current Ph.D. students.

Incomplete applications are held in the DSP office until they are completed. Incomplete files will not be reviewed.

If the admissions committee is interested in possibly admitting you to the program, you may be invited to the school for an interview. Interviews generally take place January through March. These visits are coordinated by the individual areas of specialization and generally involve faculty, current doctoral students and staff. They provide a chance to see the Ross School and the University of Michigan first-hand.


Note: Applicants to the Management & Organizations program are typically interviewed by phone. Only those who are admitted to the program will be invited to campus. The campus visit is not structured as an interview, but as a chance to visit Ann Arbor and to experience the sense of community offered within the M&O program.

In cases where travel to Ann Arbor is not feasible, admissions committees may elect to conduct an interview via telephone or Skype.

Decision letters are sent out shortly after the DSP is notified of the admission committee's decision. Initial contact is generally delivered from the DSP by email. Successful applicants will also receive a packet of information sent by a commercial delivery service.

Please note that applicants who are admitted to the Ph.D. Program in Business Administration will be asked to submit official, printed copies of all transcripts to the Ross School. This is in addition to the copies submitted with the application. These documents will become part of each student's official academic record.

Checking the status of my application

Applicants will now be able to check the status of their applications and register their decisions online. This service will be available 24 hours per day, seven days per week. However, please note that after you submit your application, it will take at least 10 days for your information to enter the system and for you to be able to check your status.

How to check your application status:

  1. Set up a UM Friend account at
  2. After following the instructions and setting up the Friend account, log in to Wolverine Access. This will require you to enter your 8-digit University of Michigan ID (UMID) and birth date. (You should have already received an email from Rackham telling you what your UMID is.)
  3. After logging in to Wolverine Access, you will be able to view your Application Data. **Please note: Your application status may say "Not Complete" even though all your materials have been submitted. Do not worry. This must be manually updated by our staff and may take some time. As long as your test scores and recommendation letters show up on the Credentials tab, your application can be reviewed.

If you have questions or encounter problems with the process, please contact the Doctoral Studies Office.