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The business world has changed dramatically. What companies want in MBA graduates, and what MBAs need to succeed, has changed with it.

The University of Michigan Business School’s approach is uniquely designed to promote excellence in students looking to immerse themselves in the MBA experience. As a general management institution, Michigan provides superb academics across the board, drawing on a long tradition of building faculty excellence in every business function, not just in an area or two. The Business School’s personalized approach blends delivery of leading-edge knowledge based on an acclaimed research legacy with progressive professional development. This rigorous curriculum follows a proven progression of coursework in essential core requirements, a broad offering of elective studies and an enriching selection of concentrated assignments on and off campus. The program delivers a combination of innovative theories and relevant real-world applications to fulfill your expectations and meet the shifting demands of the global business community. It is a powerful dimension of the Michigan MBA, one that provides graduates with a distinct advantage.

Classes meet at the school’s main campus in Ann Arbor, September through April for two years. While here you will enjoy a collaborative, diverse community and access to world-class university resources. You will experience the advantage of attending a favorite MBA program among corporate recruiters, resulting in a breadth of career choices second to none. And in the end, you will have what it takes to go anywhere - and the confidence and inner-direction to define success for yourself when you get there.