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The Global MBA Program culminates with the Multidisciplinary Action Projects (MAP) course. MAP epitomizes action-based learning at Ross. It isn’t a case study. It’s not an internship. It’s a seven-week consulting project for a sponsoring company seeking a creative solution to a critical organizational challenge.

MAP offers an ideal scenario for students to explore new industries or functions that align with their professional goals. Projects are hosted by incubators, startups, nongovernmental organizations, and multinational corporations throughout the world.

Each project requires students to collaborate with a team of peers and a faculty adviser to confront the ambiguities of an actual business challenge. Students are asked to apply academic concepts, problem-solving skills, and imagination to frame and resolve that challenge. At the conclusion of the project, students deliver their analysis and recommendations to the sponsor and Ross faculty in a formal presentation and written report.

As students delve into the MAP experience, they may be asked to:

  • develop a business strategy
  • target opportunities for growth
  • solve a market entry problem
  • develop new products
  • assess mergers, acquisitions, partnerships, and joint ventures
  • perform complex financial modeling
  • launch feasibility studies
  • generate product launch and distribution plans
  • propose operations improvements
  • perform risk analysis

To sponsors, MAP delivers real, data-driven solutions that can be implemented. To students, MAP delivers a transformative educational experience that brings coursework to life. As in the real world, one may not have the luxury of adequate time and information. How does one make decisions when the variables change? How does one lead when things go awry? Even when MAP projects run into obstacles, the combination of sponsor and faculty support ensures that the educational value is solid.

Tentative MAP Schedule (Class of 2015)
Date Event
March 2, 2015 Project proposals due to
March 11 Proposals delivered to students for bidding
March 23 MAP Teams announced
May 7-8 MAP Bootcamp (students only)
May 11 Teams report to company
June 26 Final presentations to the faculty team
June 26 - July 3 Final presentations at sponsor site

Recent Project Sponsors

3A SA (Switzerland)
3M Co.
A & D Technology Inc.
American Restaurants (Ukraine)
Avon Gear Co.
City of Page Tourism
Cooper Tire Company
Delphi China
Denso International
Diamond Lease (China)
Dihon Pharmaceuticals (China)
Eastman Kodak Co.
Energy Conversion Devices
Ford Motor Co.
Fulton Innovation
Global Technology Ventures Inc.
Hyundai-Kia America Technical
Hyundai de Mexico
Hyundai Translead
JP Morgan Chase
Meritor Inc.
Merrill Lynch & Co. Inc.
MPS Group Inc.
Northern Corridor Implementation
 Authority (Malaysia)
Panasonic Corp. of North America
PTS International/Solomon Group
POSCO (Korea)
QAD Inc.
Recycle Ann Arbor
Ross Controls
Samsung Electronics Latin America
Savvis Inc.
Sumitomo Life Insurance (Japan)
TRW Automotive Holdings Corp.
Unicoba (Brazil)
Uniplen Industria de Polimeros Ltda.
Valspar Corp.
Visteon Corp.