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The three-month session in Asia kicks off the Ross Global MBA Program. Ross faculty travel from Ann Arbor and, together with students, they spend four weeks each in Korea, Japan, and China. Throughout the experience, Ross faculty integrate core MBA studies with company visits and cultural excursions to provide a real-time global perspective on business and social customs.

As a group, students and faculty engage in classroom and extracurricular activities, creating a tight-knit cohort and unique environment of intellectual stimulation and development.

The Ross School handles logistics for the duration of the Asia session — however, students are responsible for their own air travel. The school offers shuttle service to and from airports, arranges lodging at carefully selected corporate training facilities, and provides all meals. Each student has a private dorm room. Classroom, study, and dining facilities are shared among classmates and faculty.

The close environment in which Global MBA students and faculty live, study, and socialize sets the foundation for lifelong personal and professional relationships.

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