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Action-Based Learning

At Ross, we’ve designed a curriculum that allows students to experience business while they study it. Right from the start, Global MBA students engage in courses and team projects that place them in real business situations where they apply fundamental theories and principles discussed in class. That’s what we call action-based learning.

Action-based learning provides an experience students won’t get from a case or a lecture. It puts students on the edge. It exposes them to uncertainty. It asks that they combine imagination, analytical rigor, and judgment.

No other method of learning can better prepare leaders to thrive in business and management today. Our approach to business education gives students the strategic perspective to identify and address the important challenges in any organization as they lead teams to solutions. We believe this is an essential element of leadership, and a prerequisite for success in any career.

The cornerstone action-based learning experience at Ross is the Multidisciplinary Action Project (MAP) course. Global MBA students participate in MAP for the last seven weeks of their studies. In addition to MAP, numerous other elective opportunities expose students to action-based learning.