August 16, 2013
  Excursions in Asia

KOREA, JAPAN, CHINA - The first 3 months of the Global MBA program are held in Asia, one month each in Korea, Japan, and China. In addition to taking MBA core courses, the session includes memorable and worthwhile outings to corporate and cultural locations. This year’s session was no exception and students in the Class of 2014 visited many sites.

While in Korea, the students enjoyed a corporate visit to the world headquarters of Hyundai Motor and Samsung Electronics partaking in on-site tours and Q&A’s with executives. Cultural activities in Korea included a tour of Gangneung with visits to one of the most well-preserved residences of the Chosun Dynasty, Seongyojang, and the Buddhist temple, Naksansa. While in Japan, the students studied in Osaka and traveled to the city of Himeji, about one hour from Osaka, to visit Nippon Suisan, also known as NISSUI. Students participated in an up-close tour of the factory followed by a Q&A with representatives from NISSUI. The cultural tour was held in Nara and included a visit to the Great Buddha. During their time in China, the students resided in Beijing. Corporate tours to both Oglivy Mather China and Beijing Hyundai Motors took place. While in Beijing to teach the Operations core, Damian Beil, Associate Professor of Technology and Operations at Ross, joined the group for a tour of the Ming Dynasty Tombs, Long Qing Xia (the Great Dragon Gorge), and the Great Wall at Badaling. At the end of the tour, the group gathered for dinner to share a local favorite, Peking duck.

  Class of 2014 Arrives in Ann Arbor

ANN ARBOR, Michigan - The arrival of the Global MBA Class of 2014 on June 5, 2013 went efficiently thanks to the assistance of volunteers from the Class of 2013 who welcomed the new arrivals as the airport shuttle delivered them to the University’s Northwood Community Center. Students from the Class of 2013 were on site to help haul luggage, share information, and get the new arrivals to their hotels and apartments so they would be ready to begin their orientation bright and early the next day. 

The orientation on June 6 began with a welcome by Professor E. Han Kim, Director of the Global MBA Program. The day included an introduction to Ross’ leadership initiatives by Managing Director Brian Flanagan, a tour of the business school campus, an introduction to student life, the University of Michigan, and Ann Arbor that included presentations on academics, immigration regulations, insurance, travel, and banking. 

Soon afterwards, the Global MBA Class of 2014 participated in the Ross Leadership Development Program with Professor Maxim Sytch, the Sanford R. Robertson Assistant Professor of Business Administration and Assistant Professor of Management and Organizations. Professor Sytch’s engaging activities and discussions lead to a dynamic program. The Ross Leadership Initiative provides high-impact, action-based programs that give students tools they need to lead during their time at the Ross School and beyond.

  Global MBA Marathon Runners

ANN ARBOR, Michigan - Each year as the weather becomes warmer in Ann Arbor there are many outdoor events to participate in and running is one that is popular with Global MBA students.

Class of 2013 students ran in the Dexter-Ann Arbor annual race that took place on June 2, 2013. Runners enjoyed a beautiful scenic route from the city of Dexter to downtown Ann Arbor. Michael Jensen, Associate Professor of Strategy at Ross, along with Hensu Jang of Hynix Semiconductor, Hiroyuki Kaji of Tri-Wide Corporation, Sangjae Lee of STX Heavy Industries, Yoshiyuki Nagasaka of East Japan Railway, and Yixin Wu of Splenssay Sanitaryware completed the half marathon (13.1 miles/21.1K) and Emi Yamazaki of Yamazaki Certified Public Accountants completed a 10K race.

Exactly one week later Kazuhito Gonda of LiB Consulting, Mitsuhiro Hamano of Inpex Corporation, Keiji Ito of Sony, Osenn Lin of Power Aquarium Enterprise, Eiji Sasaki of Japan Business Brain, and Shoichi Tanida of Mitsubishi, all from the Global MBA Class of 2014, completed the Ann Arbor Marathon. Having just arrived in Ann Arbor four days before the race, these runners proved their determination by successfully completing the full marathon (26 miles/42.2K), navigating the streets of their new city. Mitsuhiro Hamano earned recognition by the Ann Arbor News (see link below) for completing the marathon in a popular Japanese anime character costume, that of Doraemon. Pictured below with his wife and son, Mitsuhiro donned the robotic cat costume for his son who enjoys the comical cat whose series promotes family values. Congratulations to all the runners for their accomplishments.

  Year End Excitement

ANN ARBOR, Michigan - Commencement exercises for the Stephen M. Ross School of Business Class of 2013 took place on Friday, May 3, 2013. It was a day of excitement across the University. At the business school, activities honoring the graduates were scheduled throughout the day. In the morning, students and their guests enjoyed refreshments in the school’s Winter Garden accompanied by their classmates and Ross faculty and staff. In the afternoon, a ceremony was held in Blau Auditorium to individually recognize students whose academic achievements placed them in the top 20% of the class and earned them an invitation to Beta Gamma Sigma, an international honor society that awards the highest recognition available to business school students. Finally, in the evening graduates and their families gathered at the historic Hill Auditorium on the University of Michigan’s central campus for the official Ross commencement ceremony that brought together graduates from all of the Ross MBA programs. 

Even though Global MBAs participate in the commencement exercises at the end of the winter term, they are required to complete their Multidisciplinary Action Project in the months following. At the end of the project, on June 28, 2013, graduating Global MBAs were invited to a farewell dinner that doubled as a welcome party for the Global MBA class of 2014 who had just arrived in Ann Arbor. With a one-month overlap in Ann Arbor, students from both years were able to get to know each other. This dinner serves as the final event where both classes get together in Ann Arbor. The students, their guests, faculty, and staff from across the University enjoyed dining and conversing before Ross faculty addressed the students with heartwarming and sometimes entertaining speeches. The party concluded with a video presentation created by members of the Class of 2013. The video highlighted their experiences over the last 16 months as they traversed 4, some 5, countries, and was cleverly titled “518 Precious Days” as this is the exact number of days the students were together in the Global MBA program.

  The Doctor Is In

ANN ARBOR, Michigan - Dr. Joungwook Lee graduated from the Global MBA program in 2012 and remained in Ann Arbor to fill a need uncovered during his time as an MBA student. Dr. Lee has taken on the challenge of providing the residents in and around the Northwood community compassionate, convenient medical care, at a low price without compromising quality and without an appointment.

Prior to beginning his MBA, as a neurologist in Korea, Dr. Lee was the Director of Bobath Memorial Hospital and was instrumental in increasing customer satisfaction and operational efficiencies, as well as revenue. At Ross, his MBA program included more than 14 credit hours focused on the health care industry including two action-learning projects in healthcare. Today, he’s putting all that experience into his new clinic called HelloMed.

HelloMed is scheduled to open in October of 2013 near the University’s north campus. HelloMed will provide care for a comprehensive range of medical conditions and injuries, routine illnesses, and general medical services. Dr. Lee has designed a clinic where his team of board-certified physicians, nurses, and technicians combine traditional care with telemedicine technology and the ability to connect with specialists from across the globe, thereby, providing convenient, high quality, affordable health care.

  Alumni News
TOKYO, Japan - Masashi (Mike) Nishio of the Global MBA Class of 2011 and Itochu Corporation was married on May 11, 2013. Of course, the honor of the day was the union of Mike and Hanae who celebrated their nuptuals in the luxurious Chinzanso Hotel in Tokyo. The day was also a reunion for Japanese alumni from the Class of 2011, many shown in the picture. Those classmates and faculty who couldn’t be in Tokyo for the celebration were represented digitally having sent recorded messages wishing only the best for the happy couple. Mike and Hanae honeymooned in Prague and Vienna. They are shown here sharing a meal and taste testing Czech beer.
SEOUL, Korea - Kimyung Nam of Woori Bank and the Global MBA Class of 2002 was promoted to Executive Vice President on June 14, 2013. Kimyung is responsible for the Finance and Management Planning Unit of the bank.

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