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The Ross MBA curriculum prepares you to lead by offering a combination of rigorous fundamentals, practical experience, and the freedom to explore. We want you to leave with broader aspirations, the tools to achieve them, and the confidence to pursue them.

Absorb the Fundamentals Then Test Them

The first two terms give you a broad grounding in the fundamentals of

In the final term, you put the curriculum to work in the Multidisciplinary Action Project (MAP) course, integrating your analytical tools with teamwork and leadership development on a strategic consulting project inside an actual firm or organization.

Additional Degree Requirements:

1. World Economy (STRATEGY 503 - 1.5 credits) core course which must be completed during the two elective terms.

2. Law/Ethics: This requirement can be met by waiver request or by taking ONE of a selection of courses at any time during the two elective terms. (Students who have earned a Juris Doctor degree are automatically waived from this requirement.) The following courses will satisfy the Law/Ethics requirement: BA 512, LHC/ES 504, LHC 506, LHC 507, LHC 508, LHC 509, LHC 511, LHC 512, LHC 513, LHC 514, LHC 515, LHC 516 , LHC 517, or LHC 582.

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