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Academics FAQ


Q: How do I update my personal information in iMpact?

A: Go to the Personal Profile section of iMpact. You will then be able to change most of your personal information.

Q: What do I do if my picture isn't on iMpact?

A: Go to Face Cards and follow the instructions.

Q: Why do I need my picture on iMpact?

A: Faculty rely on pictures posted on face cards [see next two questions] to quickly learn new students.  Fellow students also use these photos.  We ask that these images be business casual or professional attire only. 

Q: My professor wants face cards. Where do I get them?

A: Go to Face Cards and follow the instructions.

Q: What are face cards?

A: Face cards contain basic information such as your name, email, previous school and employment, to help instructors quickly learn more about their students. Many faculty rely on students providing these cards in the first class session.  Faculty may record class participation on the cards, they may use the photos to memorize students in their classes, they may use the cards to assign students to groups   It is critical to have these face cards available for first class sessions.

Q: How do I see photos of the other students in my class?

A: Go to the Degree/Section Directory .
Select from class and section options.
Click View Photos.

Q: How do I find my textbooks and homework information?

A: Go to CTools. See

Q: What are CTools sites?

A: CTools sites are web-based course and project websites which allow faculty and students to communicate about course requirements, assignments, correspondence, and more.  Our faculty post first day assignments, required textbooks, and syllabi to these websites, and expect students to regularly review material posted.  Students have access to the websites for their registered classes.

Q: Where are my CTools course sites?

A: Go to :
After you log in, you should see links or tabs on the web pages for your registered classes.  Be aware that recently added classes may take 24 hours to be updated on CTools.

Q: Where do I go for CTools online training and help?

A: Log In to CTools
Once your personal Welcome page appears you will have access to instructional Documentation and Help in the menu on the left.

Q: How do I purchase Course Materials?

A: You can purchase Course Materials through your professors' CTools sites for courses that have required course material.  Please read the announcement posted there for complete details on how to purchase and pick up course material orders.

Q: What is Course Bidding?

A: Course Bidding is a computer-based utility within the Business School to fairly allocate elective MBA classes to Full-time MBA students, prior to the open registration period through Wolverine Access. MBA1 students use course bidding in March for Fall term of their second year, and MBA2 and MAcc students use course bidding in October/November for Winter term of their second year. BBAs use course bidding to select electives for the Fall and Winter terms of their Senior year.

RBS Course Bidding:
Course Bidding

Wolverine Access for UM Course Catalog and Course Registration:

Q: Where do I get Course Bidding information?

A: Go to: Course Bidding Rules & Regulations.

Q: What if I don't agree with my final grade?

A: Occasionally, after a faculty member determines a final grade, a student may feel it necessary or appropriate to question or dispute that grade. Students should review the Ross procedures for student disputes with an instructor ( and proceed to the first step: discussing the issue with the instructor (in person). Note: Any grade dispute must be initiated within three (3) weeks of the grade being posted on Wolverine Access.

Q: Where is the RBS Lost and Found?

A: The main Lost and Found site is our Facilities Office located in K1340. This office maintains a spreadsheet of reported losses, as well as a log of items found. In addition, Kresge Library has a smaller Lost and Found holding area, whose contents are routinely forwarded to the Facilities Office.

Email inquiries regarding lost articles to:

Q: What if I have to step out of the program for a year?

A: The University requires that students stay actively registered.  Should a student not register for a course within any 12-month time frame, the student would have to go through a re-application process, including paying the application fee.  In rare instances where a student has stepped out because of engagement with a program which is in direct support of the school's mission, this fee may be waived.  For evening students, whose work assignments sometimes cause program pauses, it is critical to pay attention to this University requirement.