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Curriculum Site
The information provided on the curriculum site link represents actual course selections by former Ross School of Business students, categorized by their target career. This information is intended to illustrate sample paths for completion of the MBA program and does not represent a strict formula for course selection.
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Forbes survey of "Top 10 Part-time Business Schools", August, 2005, ranked Michigan's Evening MBA program #5!

Office of Career Development Videos (PDF)

Video: Senator Carl Levin
Federal Action on Climate Change: Issues and Challenge

Video: Jack Welch, former CEO of General Electric
In an informal conversation hosted by Dr. Noel Tichy, professor and former head of GE's Leadership Academy at Crotonville, and Susana Saja, Ross School of Business SGA President, Jack gave his perspective on ethical management and answered numerous questions from the audience.

Video: Dr. Wayne E. Baker gives his perspective on America's "Culture War" in a talk hosted by the Kresge Business Library.
Based on research from his recently published book, "America's Crisis of Values: Reality and Perception," he noted that contrary to popular belief, America has not lost its traditional values. He explained how the nation compares favorably with most other societies and that the culture war is largely a myth.

Video: Dennis Bakke spoke in March of 2005 at the Ross School of Business about his recent book, "Joy at Work".
In his talk, the former CEO of international energy giant AES spoke of the shared values critical to his company's success; integrity, social responsibility, fairness and fun. To Bakke, fun is not the Friday afternoon beer blast or the annual holiday party. Rather, fun means a joy-filled, rewarding, creative work environment, free of autocratic supervisors and staff offices, where each and every employee can fully utilize his talents for success.

Video: Managing the Global Firm-Dr. Dieter Zetsche
Applying the lessons of a transatlantic merger.