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Technology & Operations



The Tauber Institute for Global Operations develops and delivers superior talent utilizing the strengths of U-Mís top-ranked business and engineering schools overlaid with a comprehensive leadership development program. Combined with strong support and input from industry, the Tauber Institute for Global Operations has become one of the premier multidisciplinary operations programs in the world.

The activities include:
A cross-disciplinary, action-based education
Superior team leadership experience with
     a paid internship
Faculty working with a broad
     range of companies
Case studies, conferences, workshops for
     students, faculty and industry
Industry providing team project opportunities,
     recruiting, and participating in all activities

If you're interested in an operations or manufacturing-related career, the Tauber Institute provides you with all the tools you need to succeed. World-class companies need progressive thinkers, and our program helps you think specifically, efficiently, and creatively about the best way to get things done.


Tauber Institute for Global Operations

2012 Tauber student team
Jonathan Landstra and Akshay Desai
at Alcoa in Whitehall, Michigan.

The Tauber Institute is the first recipient of the UPS George D. Smith Prize for effective and innovative preparation of students to be good practitioners of operations research, management science,
or analytics.