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Technology & Operations

  Our PhD students are prolific in their research output, both in published articles and selection as finalists in student paper competitions. Here is a list of recent publications and awards by our current PhD students, as well as by recent graduates comprising work done while they were in our PhD program.
  Sanghee Lim, Suresh Malladi, Nigel Melville and T. Saldanha, "Towards a Pluralistic View of Theory in Information Systems Research: Insights from Theory-sibling and Cotheory Analysis using Social Network Analysis." Journal of Information Technology Theory and Application (JITTA).
  Yao Cui, Izak Duenyas, and Ozge Sahin. "Should Event Organizers Prevent Resale of Tickets?" Management Science, Forthcoming (2013)
  Izak Duenyas, Bin Hu, and Damian Beil, "Simple Auctions for Supply Contracts." Management Science mnsc.1120.1705; published online before print April 22, 2013, doi:10.1287/mnsc.1120.1705
  Bin Hu, Damian Beil, and Izak Duenyas, "Price-Quoting Strategies of an Upstream Supplier." Management Science mnsc.1120.1697; published online before print April 4, 2013, doi:10.1287/mnsc.1120.1697
  Bin Hu, Izak Duenyas, and Damian Beil, "Does Pooling Purchases Lead to Higher Profits?" Management Science mnsc.1120.1651; published online before print January 28, 2013, doi:10.1287/mnsc.1120.1651
  Owen Wu, Derek Wang, and Zhenwei Qin, "Seasonal Energy Storage Operations with Limited Flexibility: The Price-Adjusted Rolling Intrinsic Policy." MSOM Summer 2012 vol. 14 no. 3 455-471
  Sripad K. Devalkar, Ravi Anupindi, and Amitabh Sinha. "Integrated Optimization of Procurement, Processing, and Trade of Commodities." Operations Research 59, no. 6 (2011): 1369-1381
  Terence Saldanha, and M. S. Krishnan. "Organizational Adoption of Web 2.0 Technologies: an Empirical Analysis." Journal of Organizational Computing and Electronic Commerce 22, no. 4 (2012): 301-333
  Sanghee Lim, Terence Saldanha, Suresh Malladi, and Nigel P. Melville. "Theories Used in Information Systems Research: Identifying Theory Networks in Leading IS Journals." ICIS 2009 Proceedings (2009): 91
  Anyan Qi, "Capacity investment with demand learning," MSOM student paper competition finalist, advisors: Hyun-Soo Ahn and Amitabh Sinha
  Yao Cui, “Should Event Organizers Prevent Resale of Tickets?," INFORMS Service Science Section Best Student Paper Competition, First Place, 2013.. Advisors: Izak Duenyas and Ozge Sahin
  Yan Yin, “The Role of Cost Modeling in Competitive Bid Procurement," POMS College of Supply Chain Management Best Student Paper Finalist, 2013. Advisors: Hyun-soo Ahn and Damian Beil
  Anyan Qi, “Investing in a Shared Supplier in a Competitive Market," POMS College of Supply Chain Management Best Student Paper Finalist, 2012. Advisors: Hyun-soo Ahn and Amitabh Sinha
  Sripad Devalkar, “Dynamic Risk Management of Commodity Operations: Model and Analysis," MSOM Student Paper Competition Finalist, 2010. Advisors: Ravi Anupindi and Amitabh Sinha
  Yao Cui’s work on ticket resales has attracted substantial media attention. Some selected clips follow:
    Admit One: Promoters Oppose Ticket-Reseale Industry
    Beating the Box Office Blues
    How Ticket Resales Enrich Event Promoters
  Our focus on practice-based research also leads to students writing case studies for use in the business school classroom. Case studies are available via GlobaLens.
   Scott A. Moore, Suresh Malladi. 2012. A Profile on PatientsLikeMe: Health 2.0
  Scott A. Moore, Suresh Malladi. 2012. Growing Pains of the Tata Nano
  ProQuest Distinguished Dissertation Award: Bin Hu, 2011, "Essays on Procurement with Information Asymmetry,"
   Rackham International Student Fellowship: Santhosh Suresh, 2010,