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Technology & Operations


  The Technology & Operations (T&O) Area offers a variety of elective courses to help build your expertise in manufacturing & service operations, supply chain management, information technology, business analytics, business innovation. The courses help you develop technical depth as well as managerial understanding in these areas. Courses are delivered through a rich pedagogy that includes lectures, case studies, simulations, guest speakers, consulting projects, etc. Our faculty engage routinely with industry through MAP, Tauber Institute of Global Operations, Executive Education and consulting.

Lessons drawn from these experiences are shared with students in the form of case studies and other examples. The coursework offers essential training for successful careers as leaders in consulting, manufacturing, service operations (including health care), supply chain management, information systems, business analytics as well as entrepreneurship.

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  In 2009, Ross school launched the Master of Supply Chain Management (MSCM) program. MSCM is a one-year program is designed to add breadth and depth of knowledge in business and supply chain management. The 30-credit hour curriculum integrates several courses in supply chain management, cross-disciplinary electives, and a company sponsored team-based summer project. The program director is Professor Ravi Anupindi.


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