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Technology & Operations


Social value is created when something is transformed into something else, of higher value to society. The Technology & Operations department focuses on the design and management of value-creating transformation processes and their enabling technologies.

The Technology & Operations faculty lead their field in both research and teaching by leveraging a unique combination of Ross School programs. Established infrastructure, such as the Tauber Institute for Global Operations and the Ross School’s distinctive Multi-disciplinary Action Projects (MAP), can efficiently put faculty in touch with senior managers in a problem-solving context. This builds our faculty’s institutional knowledge, credibility in the classroom, and ability to identify problems of high business relevance.

Our combination of technical depth and close connections with business guarantee research output that is novel, significant and relevant. The translation of that research into classroom experiences result in T&O courses of high impact.

T&O Faculty Profiles
T&O Area Chair
    Izak Duenyas

    Phone: 734-615-1288
    Fax: 734-615-4323
T&O Department Administrator
    Nicole Watson
    Phone: 734-647-4027
    Fax: 734-936-8716