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Technology & Operations

T&O faculty offer courses in four different levels:
   1) Analytical Foundations
   2) Frameworks and Applications
   3) Advanced Topics
   4) Capstone Projects

  1) Analytical Foundations: This set of courses provides students with fundamental analytical skills
that are useful in any business environment.
    BIT 200 Personal Productivity in Information Technology
    OMS 301 Business Statistics and Management Science
    BIT 311 Decision Support with Excel
2) Frameworks and Applications: Through these courses, students will develop a deep understanding of the role of information systems and operations management, and acquire a set of tools to analyze the physical, financial, and information flows in businesses.
    BIT 300 Business Information Systems
3) Advanced Topics: This set of courses will elevate studentsí knowledge in specific areas: Microfinance; Serving the Base of the Pyramid; and Supply Chain Management.
    BIT 444 Introduction to Microfinance
    BIT 445 Base of the Pyramid: Business Innovation for Solving Society's Problems
4) Capstone Project: Students will have great project-based learning experiences in the areas of Systems Consulting; Operations, Procurement and Supply Chain Management; and Healthcare Operations.
    BIT 465 Business Systems Consulting
    OMS 482 Action Learning Projects in Operations, Procurement, and Supply Chain Management