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Strategy faculty approach research from several different perspectives including economics, organization theory, social psychology, and sociology. We also strive to maintain methodological diversity. From inductive and case-method approaches to large sample archival studies to simulation and survey based primary research approaches and formal modeling, we embrace a variety of approaches.

Similarly, the research questions that we ask span the full range of strategy research discipline. From top management decision-making in large multi-business firms, multinational corporations to scope of the firm issues such as alliances and M&A’s, from technology strategy and policy to service management and sociological influences on managerial decision-making, we cover a broad range of theoretical issues. This makes our group one of the broadest and most diversified in the country.

We publish in a variety of leading journals in strategy, organization theory, economics, and sociology including Academy of Management Journal, Academy of Management Review, Administrative Science Quarterly, Management Science, Organization Science, RAND Journal of Economics, and Strategic Management Journal.

Strategy Faculty
Recent Publications
Working Papers

Research themes include:

      theory of firm and corporate scope
      mergers, acquisitions and alliances
      competitive interaction
      firm capabilities and knowledge
      international strategy
      social networks
      technology strategy
      top management teams and
        corporate governance