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      Recent Publications
  Author Publication
  Adriaens, Peter Scaling Up Payments for Watershed Services (with Daniel Cantor, Colm Fay, Emily Levine, Chris Zwicke). Book: Erb Institute, the University of Michigan, April 2013.
  Afuah, Allan Users as Innovators: A Review and Future Research Directions (With Marcel Bogers and Bettina Bastian). Journal of Management, 36(4): 857-875, July 10, 2013.
Value Capture and Crowdsourcing (with Christopher Tucci). Academy of Management Review, 38(3): 457–460, July 2013.
Are Network Effects Really All About Size? The Role of Structure and Conduct. Strategic Management Journal, 34(3): 257-273, March 2013.
  Ahuja, Gautam Second Face of Appriopriability: Generative Appropriability and Its Determinants (with C. Lampert, E. Novelli). Academy of Management Review, 2013
  Csaszar, Felipe Organizational Decision Making: An Information Aggregation View (with J.P. Eggers). Management Science, 59(10): 2257-2277, 2013.
An Efficient Frontier in Organization Design: Organizational Structure as a Determinant of Exploration and Exploitation. Organization Science, 24(4): 1083-1101, 2013.
Encyclopedia of Management Theory. Book Chapter: Strategic Decision Making. SAGE Publications, April 2013.
  Karnani, Aneel Alcohol: Science, Policy and Public Health. Book Chapter: Impact of Alcohol on Poverty and the Need for Appropriate Policy. Oxford University Press, 2013.
  Lim, Linda Handbook of Emerging Economies. Book Chapter: Singapore's Success: After the Miracle. London: Routledge, 2013.
  Westphal, James A Behavioral Theory of Corporate Governance: Explicating the Mechanisms of Socially Situated and Socially Constituted Agency (with Edward Zajac). Academy of Management Annals, 2013.
Not Let in on the Secret to Success: How Low Levels of Mentoring from Incumbent Directors Negatively Affect Women and Racial Minority First-time Directors’ Appointments to Additional Corporate Boards (with M. McDonald). Academy of Management Journal, Vol. 56, No. 4: 1169–1198, 2013.
  Zhao, Minyuan Firm Rivalry, Knowledge Accumulation, and MNE Location Choices (with J. Alcacer & C. Dezso). Journal of International Business Studies, 44: 504–520, 2013.
  Zhou, Yue Maggie Designing for Complexity: Using Divisions and Hierarchy to Manage Complex Tasks. Organization Science, 24(2): 339–355, 2013.
  Adriaens, Peter The Case for CleanTech Clusters (with Shawn Lesser, Ben Taube). Environmental Finance, February, 2012.
Mitigating Corporate Water Risk: Financial Market Tools and Supply Management Strategies (with Wendy Larson, Paul Freedman, Viktor Passinsky, Edward Grubb). Water Alternatives, 5(3): 582-602, November 2012.
Polytopic Vector Analysis of Soil, Dust, and Serum Samples To Evaluate Exposure Sources of PCDD/Fs (with Timothy Towey, Noemi Barabas, Avery Demond, Alfred Franzblau, David Garabrant, Brenda Gillespiea and James Lepkowski). Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, 31(10): 2191-2200, 2012.
Entrepreneurship Education in Asia. Book Chapter: Teaching Entrepreneurial Business Strategies in Global Markets: Comparison of CleanTech Venture Assessment in the US and China (with Tim Faley). Edward Elgar Publishing, 2012.
  Afuah, Allan

Crowdsourcing as a Solution to Distant Search (with Christopher Tucci). Academy of Management Review 37(3): 355-375, July 2012.

  Ahuja, Gautam The Genesis and Dynamics of Networks (with G. Soda, A. Zaheer). Organization Science, 2012.
  Carnahan, Seth Heterogeneity in Turnover: The Effect of Relative Compensation Dispersion of Firms on the Employee Mobility and Entrepreneurship of Extreme Performers (with Rajshree Agarwal and Ben Campbell) . Strategic Management Journal, 33(12): 1411-1430, 2012.
  Csaszar, Felipe Organizational Structure as a Determinant of Performance: Evidence from Mutual Funds. Strategic Management Journal, 33(6): 611-632, June 2012.
  Jensen, Michael The Oxford Handbook of Corporate Reputation (with Heeyon Kim and Bo Kyung Kim). Book Chapter: Meeting Expectations: A Role-Theoretic Perspective on Reputation. Oxford University Press, 140-159, 2012.
  Karnani, Aneel Markets of the Poor: Opportunities and Limits. International Journal of Rural Management, 8(1&2): 7-17, 2012.
Global Strategies for Emerging Asia. Book Chapter: Dubious Value of International Acquisitions by Emerging Economy Firms: The Case of Indian Firms. Jossey-Bass, 2012.
Palgrave Encyclopaedia of Strategic Management. Book Chapter: Competitiveness. Palgrave Macmillan, 2012.
  Lim, Linda Global Rebalancing 2.0 (with Ronald Mendoza). Vox EU, September 2012.
Global Rebalancing 2.0 (with Ronald Mendoza). World Financial Review, December 2012.
Handbook of Ethnic Chinese and the Chinese Diaspora. Book Chapter: Southeast Asian Chinese Business and Regional Economic Development. London: Routledge, December 2012.
  Westphal, James Helping other CEOs Avoid Bad Press: Social Exchange and Impression Management Support Among CEOs in Communications with Journalists (with Sun Hyun Park, Michael L. McDonald, and Mathew L.A. Hayward). Administrative Science Quarterly, 2012.
Unintended Agency: Impression Management Support as a Trigger of Institutional Change in Corporate Governance (with Sun Hyun Park). Research in Organizational Behavior, February 2012.
  Zhao, Minyuan Local R&D Strategies and Multi-location Firms: The Role of Internal Linkages (with J. Alcacer). Management Science, 58(4): 734-753, 2012.
  Adriaens, Peter Encyclopedia of Sustainability, V2: The Business of Sustainability. Book Chapter: Leading Innovations: CleanTech. Birkshire Publishing, 2011.
  Afuah, Allan The African Paradox: Is China the Solution? New Games Strategies for Eradicating Poverty in Africa. Book: Acateh, 2011.
  Ahuja, Gautam Explaining Influence Rents: The Case for an Institutions-based View of the Firm (with S. Yayavaram). Organization Science, 2011.
Embeddedness, Tie Dissolution and the Stability of Interorganizational Networks (with F. Polidoro, W. Mitchell). Academy of Management Journal, 2011.
  Jensen, Michael How Product Order Affects Market Identity: Repertoire Ordering in the U.S. Opera Market (with Bo Kyung Kim). Administrative Science Quarterly, 56: 238-256, 2011.
The Importance of Status in Markets: A Market Identity Perspective. Book Chapter: In Status in Management and Organizations (with Bo Kyung Kim and Heeyon Kim). Cambridge University Press, 87-117, 2011.
  Karnani, Aneel Better Vision for the Poor (with Bernard Garrette, Jordan Kassalow, and Moses Lee). Stanford Social Innovation Review, 9(2): 66-71, 2011.
Reducing Poverty through Employment. Innovation, 6(2): 73-97, 2011.
Social Entrepreneurship: Beyond the Hype. Innovation, 6(2): 99-116, 2011.
CSR Stuck in a Logical Trap. California Management Review, 53(2): 105-111, 2011.
Doing Well by Doing Good ? The Grand Illusion. California Management Review, 53(2): 69-86, 2011.
Microfinance Needs Regulation. Stanford Social Innovation Review, 9(1): 48-53, 2011.
Confronting Microfinance: Undermining Sustainable Development. Book Chapter: Undermining the Chances of Sustainable Development in India with Microfinance. Kumarian Pres, 2011.
Poor Poverty: The Impoverishment of Analysis, Measurement and Policies. Book Chapter: The Bottom of the Pyramid Strategy for Reducing Poverty: A Failed Promise. United Nations, 2011.
Fighting Poverty Together: Rethinking Strategies for Business, Governments, and Civil Society to Reduce Poverty. Book: Palgrave Macmillan, 2011.
  Westphal, James My Brother's Keeper? CEO Identification with the Corporate Elite, Social Support among CEOs, and Leader Effectiveness (with Michael McDonald). Academy of Management Journal, November 2011.
Me or We: The Effects of CEO Organizational Identification on Agency Costs (with Steven Boivie, Donald Lange, and Michael McDonald). Academy of Management Journal, November 2011.
Avoiding Bad Press: Interpersonal Influence in Relations between CEOs and Journalists and the Consequences for Press Reporting about Firms and their Leadership (with David Deephouse). Organization Science, 2011.
Misperceiving the Beliefs of Others: How Pluralistic Ignorance Contributes to the Persistence of Positive Security Analyst Reactions to the Adoption of Stock Repurchase Plans (with David Zhu). Organization Science, 2011.
Set Up for a Fall: The Insidious Effects of Flattery and Opinion Conformity toward Corporate Leaders (with Sun Park, and Ithai Stern). Administrative Science Quarterly, 2011.
  Zhao, Minyuan Corporate Capital Budgeting Decisions and Information Sharing (with A. Hornstein). Journal of Economics & Management Strategy, 20(4): 1135-1170, 2011.
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Subsidiary Divestiture and Acquisition in a Financial Crisis: Operational Focus, Financial Constraints, and Ownership (with X. Li and J. Svejnar). Journal of Corporate Finance, 272-287, 2011.
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Failure of Libertarian Approach to Reducing Poverty. Asian Business & Management, Vol. 9 (1): 5-21, 2010.
  Lim, Linda The Management of Success: Singapore Revisited. Book Chapter: Globalizing State, Disappearing Nation: Foreign Participation in Singapore's Economy, Institute for Southeast Asian Studies, November 2010.
  Westphal, James A Little Help Here? The Effects of Independent Board Control on CEO Helping Networks: A Social Identification Perspective (with Michael McDonald). Academy of Management Journal, 2010.
A Matter of Appearances: How Corporate Leaders Manage the Impressions of Financial Analysts about the Conduct of Their Boards (with Melissa Graebner). Academy of Management Journal, 2010.
An Impression Management Perspective on Job Design: The Case of Corporate Directors. Journal of Organizational Behavior, 2010.
Corporate Governance and Knowledge Management: How Board Independence May Increase CEO Paranoia, and Lead to Increased Top Management Team Homophily (with Mason Carpenter, and Michael McDonald). International Journal of Strategic Change Management, 2010.
Stealthy Footsteps to the Boardroom: Executives? Backgrounds, Sophisticated Interpersonal Influence Behavior, and Board Appointments (with Ithai Stern). Administrative Science Quarterly, 2010.