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Past Ross PhDs have won many awards and have been placed in the best business schools worldwide. Recent graduates of the doctoral program are engaged in research and teaching at Duke, Purdue, Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, University of Texas-Austin, and the University of North Carolina among others.


Anne Fleischer
Assistant Professor University of Toronto
2008 Graduate

"People in the strategy group want you to do good research that you are interested in-whatever course that takes. I started purely in strategy, but kept taking disciplinary courses in sociology. Ultimately, I ended up doing a joint program in sociology and strategy. There are not many places that would be thrilled to see a student invest so heavily in another department. If they minded, I never heard about it. Instead, I had great support throughout my classes, the dissertation process, and still today."


P.K. Toh
Assistant Professor University of Minnesota
2007 Graduate

"Going through the Michigan PhD program was a significant experience for me. It changed the way I conceptualize important issues and real-life events. I benefited greatly from the rigorous training in research and the enriching intellectual environment that the Michigan program provided. I also found the in-depth grounding in disciplines such as economics and econometrics, which came as an integral part of my Michigan experience, to be most helpful in my research and in complementing the study of strategy. Upon graduation in 2007, I joined the Strategic Management and Organization department at the University of Minnesota as an assistant professor."


Francisco Polidoro, Jr.
Assistant Professor
University of Texas at Austin
2006 Graduate

"At the University of Michigan I found a world-class academic institution with a long tradition in offering outstanding doctoral programs. One of the distinctive features of my PhD program in Strategy was the possibility to receive rigorous training in related fields, such as microeconomics and organization theory. This openness to interdisciplinary studies, for which Michigan is a hallmark, along with the departmentís vibrant research environment, contributed enormously to enriching my doctoral education. In 2006 I started my career as an assistant professor in the Management department at The University of Texas at Austin."