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2013-14 Marketing Seminar Speaker Series
Date Time Location Speaker Title of Presentation
10/25 1:30-3pm R2320 David Schweidel (Emory University) Listening in on Social Media: A Joint Model of Sentiment and Venue Format Choice
11/1    1:30-3pm    R2320    Abigail Sussman (University of Chicago    Positive and Negative Attributes in Perceptions of Value   
11/8    1:30-3pm    R1220    Teck-Hua Ho (University of California at Berkeley)    Giving Feedback to Clients
11/22    1:30-3pm    E0530    Tom Meyvis (New York University)    Contrasting Against the Future: How Much You Enjoy an Experience Depends on What You Expect to Happen Next
12/6 Cancelled    1:30-3pm    R2320    Chandra Bhat (University of Texas)    Accommodating Spatial (Social) Interactions in Multiple Discrete-Continuous Models: Formulation, Estimation, and Application 
2/7    1:30-3pm    R2310    Kristin Diehl (USC)    Organizing Products with Complements Versus Substitutes: Effects on Effort, Assortment Perceptions and Store Preference   
2/14   Cancelled 3:30-5:00pm    R1230    Punam Keller (Dartmouth College)    ENABLE: Efficient Novel Active Behavioral Levers   
2/21    1:30-3pm    R2310    Andrea Morales (Arizona State University)    Current research from multiple papers   
3/21 Cancelled    1:30-3pm    R2310    Guenter Hitsch (University of Chicago)    Private Label Demand in the Great Recession    
3/28    1:30-3pm    R2310    Ting Zhu (University of British Columbia)    The Effect of the WIC Program on Consumption Patterns in
the Cereal Category   
4/11    1:30-3pm    R2310    Stephan Seiler (Stanford University)    Consumer Search: Evidence from Path-Tracking Data   
4/18    1:30-3pm    R2310    Debu Purohit (Duke University)     Family Plans: Market Segmentation Using Nonlinear Pricing