Past Marketing Department Seminar Series

Academic Year 2011-2012


Title of Presentation

Bob Meyer


Intuitive Learning of Optima in Dynamic Decision Making

Carl Mela


Hyper Media Search and Consumption

Wes Hartmann


Do Superbowl Ads Affect Brand Share?


Venkat Ramaswamy

Univ. of Michigan


A Theory of Co-Creation

John Lynch


A Meta-Analytic and Psychometric Investigation of the Effect of Financial Literacy
on Downstream Financial Behaviors

Nina Mazar


Probabilistic Price Promotions - When Retailing and Las Vegas Meet

Joe Simmons


Elephants Weigh More Than . . . Elephants: Intuitive Biases in Over/Under Decisions

Vicki Morwitz

New York University

Influence via Comparison-Driven Self Evaluation and Restoration:
The Case of the Low-Status Influencer

Juanjuan Zhang


Strategic Demarketing

Wendy Liu


The Anger of Judgment and Decision Making

Mimi Morrin


Scent and Consumer Behavior:  What Have We Learned?  Where are We Going?

Mike Palazzolo

Univ. of Michigan

Utilizing Consumer Uncertainty to Improve Technology Adoption Forecasting:  A Preliminary Study Using Cumulative Timed Intent

Jihoon Cho

Univ. of Michigan

Assessing the Effects of Service Quality and Service Inconsistency on Customer Satisfaction

Jim Alvarez-Mourey

Univ. of Michigan

If It Feels Right . . . Do It:  cultural Congruence as a Consumption Cue

Charles Zhang

Univ. of Michigan

Past on the left, future on the right:  How thinking about time affects choice

Stephanie Carpenter

Univ. of Michigan

Shifting Away From discomfort: Managing Difficult  Decisions Through Affective Reconstruals

Christine Kang

Grant Packard

David Wooten

Univ. of Michigan

Secrets and Lies:  Gender Differences in Concealing Information about Price Disparities

Anocha Aribarg

Univ. of Michigan

Choice Interdependence in a Social Network

Hee Mok Park

Univ. of Michigan

Peer Effect in Casino Gambling

Kanishka Misra

London Bus. School

Will a Fat Tax Work?

Sara Konrath

Univ. of Michigan

Institute of Social Res.

Temporal trends in empathy and related traits

Paulo Albuquerque

Univ. of Rochester

Product Updates in the Presence of Consumer Progression

Stephen Leider

Univ. of Michigan


Contracts, Biases and Consumption of Access Services

Manoj Thomas

Cornell University

The Role of Emotion in Cognitive Restraint

Ethan Kross

Univ. of Michigan


Making Meaning out of Negative Experiences by Self-Distancing


Academic Year 2010 - 2011

Speaker Affiliation
Liye Ma Carnegie Mellon
Masakazu Ishihara University of Toronto
Bryan Bollinger Stanford University
Baojun Jiang Carnegie Mellon
Elisabeth (Ella) Honka Chicago Booth
Shrihari (Hari) Sridhar Michigan State
Scott Shriver Stanford University
Robert Rooderkerk Tilburg University, Netherlands
Yesim Orhun Chicago Booth
Juliano Laran University of Miami
Kate White University of Calgary
Kenneth Wilbur Duke
Darren Dahl University of British Columbia
Gal Zauberman University of Pennsylvania
Vineet Kumar Harvard
Melvin Stephens University of Michigan, Economics
Peter McGraw University of Colorado
Wes Hutchinson University of Pennsylvania
Leonard Lee Columbia University
Shane Frederick Yale
Julie Irwin University of Texas
Joseph Alba University of Florida


Academic Year 2009 - 2010

Speaker Affiliation
Daniel King University of Florida
Eva Escarza London Business School
Bo Huang & Jesse Chandler University of Michigan, Ross School of Business
Daniel Bartels University of Chicago
Nicole Verrochi Wharton
Eugenia Wu Duke
Ellie Kyung NYU - Stern
Peter Fader Wharton
Grant Packard & Hee Mok Park University of Michigan, Ross School of Business
Robert Smith & Charles Zhang University of Michigan, Ross School of Business
Catherine Tucker MIT - Sloan
Ann L. McGill University of Chicago
Deborah Small Wharton
Catherine (Cait) Poynor University of Pittsburgh
Robin Tanner University of Wisconsin
Vladas Griskevicius University of Minnesota
Lawrence Williams, Jr. University of Colorado
Brent McFerran University of British Columbia
Jennifer Argo University of Alberta
Page Moreau University of Colorado
Sam K. Hui NYU - Stern
Raphael Thomadsen UCLA


Academic Year 2008 - 2009

Speaker Affiliation

Elea Feit

University of Michigan, Ross Marketing

Thales Teixeira University of Michigan, Ross Marketing
Lisa Cavanaugh Duke
Michael Braun MIT - Sloan
Leonardo Nicolao University of Texas - Austin
Cassie Mogliner Stanford
Yakov Bart UC - Berkeley
Joshua Ackerman Yale
Kanishka Misra Northwestern - Kellogg
Scott Rick Wharton
Minjun (Min) Koo University of Chicago
Olivier Toubia Columbia Graduate School of Business
Justin Kruger NYU - Stern
Brett Gordon Columbia Graduate School of Business
Andres Musalem Duke
Rajeev Batra, Peter Lenk & Katherine Burson University of Michigan, Ross Marketing
Peter Ubel UM, Center for Behavioral & Decision Sciences in Medicine
Jaideep Sengupta HKUST
Amna Kirmani University of Maryland
Eric Anderson Northwestern - Kellogg
Mario Macis University of Michigan, Ross Business Economics


Academic Year 2007 - 2008

Speaker Affiliation

Desmond Lo

University of Michigan, Ross Marketing

Kirk Schueler University of Michigan, Ross Marketing
Vanessa Patrick University of Georgia
Lisa Bolton Wharton
Elea Feit University of Michigan, Ross Marketing
Stephen M. Pollock University of Michigan, Engineering
Anirban Mukhopadhyay University of Michigan, Ross Marketing
Florian Zettelmeyer UC - Berkeley
Eric T. Bradlow Wharton
Carolyn Yoon / Antonia Mantonakis UM Ross Marketing / Brock University
Utku Unver University of Pittsburgh, Economics
Panos Y. Papalambros University of Michigan, Engineering
Drazen Prelec MIT - Sloan
Thales Teixeira University of Michigan, Ross Marketing
Tom Meyvis NYU - Stern
Srinivasarghavan Sriram University of Connecticut
Sharad Borle Rice University
Amitav Chakravarti NYU - Stern
Aradhna Krishna & Rajeev Batra University of Michigan, Ross Marketing
Jennifer L. Aaker UC - Berkeley
Gad Saad Concordia University


Academic Year 2006 - 2007

Speaker Affiliation

Jonah Berger       

Stanford Graduate School of Business

Miguel Brendl INSEAD
Cenk Bulbul NYU - Stern
Colin Camerer CalTech
Shantanu Dutta USC - Marshall
Joel Huber Duke
Angela Lee Northwestern - Kellogg
Nina Mazar MIT - Sloan
Koen Pauwels Dartmouth - Tuck
Andy Poehlman Yale
Priya Raghubir UC Berkeley
Michael Trusov UCLA
Oleg Urminsky Columbia Graduate School of Business
Klaus Wertenbroch INSEAD
Tanya Williams Bradford


Academic Year 2005 - 2006

Speaker Affiliation

Wilfred Amaldoss


Bart Bronnenberg UCLA
Norris Bruce University of Texas - Dallas
Siddhartha Chib Washington University
Aimee Drolet UCLA
Terry Elrod University of Alberta
Tulin Erdem UC - Berkeley
Ganesh Iyer UC - Berkeley
Chris Janiszewski University of Florida
Gita Johar Columbia Graduate School of Business
Jonathan Levav Columbia Graduate School of Business
Mike Lewis University of Florida
Puneet Manchanda Chicago Graduate School of Business
Anirban Mukhopadhyay HKUST
Thomas Otter Ohio State
Young-Hoon Park Cornell University
Seethu Seetharaman Rice University