Marketing Faculty Areas of Inquiry and Research

Our faculty members are recognized experts in many areas of marketing theory and research methods.  Below is a list of topics of inquiry and expertise of our faculty (Click on faculty names for more faculty information).

Advertising Models

Fred Feinberg, Puneet Manchanda

Attitudes and Preferences

Rick Bagozzi, Richard Gonzalez, Norbert Schwarz

Bayesian Estimation

Anocha Aribarg, Fred Feinberg, Richard Gonzalez, Peter Lenk, Puneet Manchanda, Kanishka Misra, Eric Schwartz

Branding and Brand Management

Anocha Aribarg, Rajeev Batra, Kanishka Misra, Sriram Srinivasaraghavan

Choice Under Uncertainty

Fred Feinberg, Richard Gonzalez, Puneet Manchanda, A. Yesim Orhun, Eric Schwartz, Sriram Srinivasaraghavan


Venkatram Ramaswamy

Cognitive Aging

Richard Gonzalez, Carolyn Yoon

Cognitive Neuroscience

Carolyn Yoon, Rick Bagozzi

Consumer and Decision Neurosciences

Richard Gonzalez, Scott Rick, Carolyn Yoon

Consumer Decision Making and Choice

Christina Brown, Katherine Burson, Richard Gonzalez, Kanishka Misra, Scott Rick; Norbert Schwarz, Frank Yates

Consumer Promotions

Aradhna Krishna

Consumer Spending

Scott Rick, Kanishka Misra

Consumers' Calibration

Katherine Burson

Consumers' Assessment of Ability

Katherine Burson

Cross Cultural Issues

Aradhna Krishna, Frank Yates, Carolyn Yoon

Customer Relationship Management

Puneet Manchanda, Eric Schwartz

Customer Satisfaction

Tom Kinnear

Decision Making

Katherine Burson A. Yesim Orhun

Dynamic Models

Puneet Manchanda, Eric Schwartz, Sriram Srinivasaraghavan

Econometric Modeling

Anocha Aribarg, Fred Feinberg, Puneet Manchanda, Kanishka Misra, Eric Schwartz, Sriram Srinivasaraghavan


Rick Bagozzi, Richard Gonzalez, Scott Rick, Norbert Schwarz


Tom Kinnear

Forecasting Models

Fred Feinberg, Richard Gonzalez, Peter Lenk, Puneet Manchanda, Eric Schwartz

Group Decision Making

Anocha Aribarg, Rick Bagozzi, Richard Gonzalez


Rick Bagozzi, Brent McFerran, Kanishka Misra

Hedonic Psychology

Norbert Schwarz, Richard Gonzalez

Impression Management

David Wooten

Interpersonal Evaluation

Katherine Burson

Interpersonal Relationships

Scott Rick

Marketing Mix Models/Response Models

Puneet Manchanda,  A. Yesim Orhun, Eric Schwartz


Rick Bagozzi, Richard Gonzalez


Christina Brown, Norbert Schwarz

Non-profit Marketing and Fair Trade

Aradhna Krishna

Optimal Product Decisions A. Yesim Orhun

Optimal Resource Allocation

Puneet Manchanda, Eric Schwartz, Sriram Srinivasaraghavan,  A. Yesim Orhun

Pharmaceutical Marketing

Puneet Manchanda


Aradhna Krishna, Puneet Manchanda, Kanishka Misra, Sriram Srinivasaraghavan, A. Yesim Orhun

Response to Visual Stimuli

Aradhna Krishna

Retail Marketing

Aradhna Krishna, Claude Martin, Kanishka Misra, A. Yesim Orhun, Eric Schwartz

Sales and Sales Management

Follett Carter, Rick Bagozzi

Self Assessment

Katherine Burson

Self Control

Scott Rick, Brent McFerran


Katherine Burson

Sequential Choice

Christina Brown, Fred Feinberg, Richard Gonzalez, Eric Schwartz

Service Productivity

Claes Fornell

Social Identity

Rick Bagozzi, Brent McFerran

Social Influence

Richard Gonzalez, Brent McFerran, David Wooten

Social Media/Consumer Generated Media

Puneet Manchanda, Eric Schwartz

Structural Equation Modeling

Rick Bagozzi, Richard Gonzalez

Targeting/One-To-One Marketing

Puneet Manchanda

Technology Products

Puneet Manchanda, Sriram Srinivasaraghavan

Trade Promotions

Aradhna Krishna, Kanishka Misra

Word of Mouth Marketing

Puneet Manchanda, Eric Schwartz