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Gerald (Jerry)  Peterson

Gerald (Jerry) Peterson

Lecturer II in Technology and Operations

MS, Stanford University
BA, University Of Michigan

Professor Jerry Peterson is a lecturer in Business Information Technology.  His courses, in both the graduate MBA program and the undergraduate BBA program, focus on how companies use information technology (IT) to gain a competitive advantage and on the implementation pitfalls of large-scale, IT-enabled, change programs.  Professor Peterson has been a member of the faculty since 1998, and he has been active in the development of new syllabi to ensure that course offerings remain up-to-date and relevant to the continually evolving world of business.  He has also taught frequently in the Ross Schoolís MAP and Tauber programs.


Professor Peterson is a consultant to industry on information technology matters.  He focuses on risk management for large-scale IT programs, the strategic application of IT, and the evolving role of the Chief Information Officer (CIO).  He is a Senior Consultant with the Cutter Consortium, an IT advisory firm of 125 individual experts, and he writes for Cutter Reports. 


Professor Peterson has 30 years experience as an information systems practitioner and executive with Ford Motor Company, from which he is retired.   Most recently, he had worldwide responsibility for Fordís Information Technology Services, which included the planning and operation of networks, data centers, and desktop computing and the development, implementation, and maintenance of business computer systems.  At various times in his career, he was the senior information systems executive responsible for computer applications in Marketing, Sales, and Service; Accounting and Finance; Human Resources; and Plant Operations.  He lived and worked in the United Kingdom, and he has had management responsibility for activities in Europe, Latin America, and Asia.


Professor Peterson also served as an officer in the United States Air Force.

Gerald (Jerry) Peterson
Stephen M. Ross School of Business
University of Michigan
701 Tappan St.
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1234

Phone: (734) 647-7029

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