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What is the MBA Communication requirement?
The MBA Communication Requirement can be fulfilled through course work or a Waiver Exam. Unlike other MBA waiver exams, however, MBA students have multiple opportunities to take the exam.
Communication skills are consistently rated among the top five characteristics of successful managers. Without adequate communication skills, an individual’s academic, technical, and professional expertise may not be recognized. Recruiters at Ross regularly stress the importance of communication; it is the lens through which a manager is perceived. We strive to ensure that our graduates are not merely adequate communicators – we want you to be recognized for excellence in communication.
  There are two options that will fulfill MBA Communication Requirement.

Take the Waiver Exam and receive
a passing grade.

The Communication Waiver Exam is offered near the start of each Fall term (typically in July/August). The Communication Waiver Exam presents a specific management situation and requires a written persuasive response. The written response is evaluated for clarity of thought, organization and development of ideas, audience awareness, persuasive appeal and English usage.

The Communication Waiver Exam is a managerial writing test and is different from the GMAT Analytical Writing Assessment, which is an academic writing test. This difference is significant. The Ross exam is directly related to the kind of on-the-job writing that MBAs will encounter in the workplace. It presents students with a communication case involving a critical management situation that requires a written response. For example, students may be asked to provide arguments in favor of keeping a sales training program or to describe actions an employee must take to significantly improve performance. Written responses are evaluated for managerial writing ability. Each response is evaluated with the following question in mind: To what extent does this student understand how to select, develop and organize content, employ language and syntactical choices and use persuasive appeals to achieve management goals?

Full-Time, Evening, and Dual Degree MBA students can take the Communication Waiver Exam at any point that it is offered during their education in the MBA program. Students who have not successfully completed the assessment will need to fulfill the Communication requirement with course work.


    OPTION 2:
    Take one (1) of the following courses and receive
    a passing grade
                    LHC 520 (3.0crs)
                    LHC 521 (1.5 crs)
                    LHC522 (1.5 crs)
                    LHC 524 (1.5 crs)
                    LHC 560 (3.0crs)