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The Finance Department at Ross is one of the world's leading research groups in financial economics. We have maintained its leadership by recruiting top scholars and graduate students and by fostering a research culture that encourages collaboration and cross-disciplinary work. We also provide material support for research through internal grants beyond the usual summer support that allow faculty to reduce their teaching responsibilities and work on resource intensive research projects. The result has been innovative work that cuts across boundaries within finance and between business disciplines.

The research culture of our area has also had an enormous impact on our graduate students as they become part of it from the time of their arrival at Ross. The collaborative atmosphere has resulted in several joint papers with faculty and with other graduate students. Many of these papers have been published in top journals.

Our faculty have been leading contributors to the field of Finance. During the last three decades, we have been consistently ranked as one of the leading contributors to the top finance journals.

Many recent examples of our cross disciplinary work, collaborative atmosphere, and productivity can be found in our publications and working papers.

While we seek to make fundamental contributions to finance, our research also has significant implications for finance and business practitioners.

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