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The BIT Ph.D. program prepares students to carry out research and teaching that addresses the appropriate, innovative, effective design and use of information technology to serve business needs. The program draws on the disciplines of computer science, economics, organizational science, cognitive science, and organizational, social, and cognitive psychology. To ensure that the quality of students is high and that they have close contact with faculty, new enrollments each year is limited to about two to three students.

The Ph.D. program is a full-time program; the Ph.D. students are expected to be in residence on a full-time basis twelve months a year. Doctoral students in BIT will ordinarily devote the first two or three years of their program to course work, the completion of two research papers, and preparation for the written preliminary exam. Soon thereafter they prepare a dissertation proposal and embark on their dissertation research. Students are supported (stipend and research) for the four years it is expected to take them to graduate.