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Business Law

  The Stephen M. Ross School of Business is widely regarded as a leading center for research on legal issues that shape business operations and decision making. Business Law faculty conduct research in a variety of fields including human capital, government regulation of business activities - especially in the areas of intellectual property, environmental law and regulatory takings - corporate governance, the legal framework of negotiation, investments and securities, and parent-subsidiary relations. BUSINESS LAW Faculty Profiles



In recognition of the close relationship between business law and business ethics, business ethics research is integrated with business law at the Ross School of Business. The School is known for research that focuses on the role of the law in promoting ethical conduct within organizations and meeting societal expectations of socially responsible behavior more generally.

Business law and business ethics research is published in university-based law reviews and in leading ethics journals. Research produced by RSB business law faculty has had a substantial impact on the development of the law affecting business and on business practice. The research is frequently cited by other scholars and by appellate courts, including the United States Supreme Court and the High Court of Australia.

Ross Business School faculty have received numerous research awards and have been honored with chair appointments in recognition of their research. They have also participated in distinguished speaker series and have had visiting appointments and fellowships in leading universities around the world, including Cambridge, Harvard, Stanford and the University of Sydney. Financial support for business law research has been provided by the Financial Executives Research Foundation, the National Institute for Dispute Resolution, the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, and the Peat Marwick Foundation, among others.