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Business Economics & Public Policy


  Business Economics & Public Policy  faculty comprises applied economists whose areas of expertise span the fields of industrial organization, labor economics, and public finance.Our primary research focus is the study of markets and firm behavior, with a strong commitment to understanding relevant public policies. As a result of this emphasis, our Group has evolved to include experts in the areas of antitrust, contracting, corporate governance, franchising, law and economics, non-market strategies and regulation, personnel economics, taxation, and transition and developing economies. The research of our faculty is carried out, in part, through affiliations with research centers at the University of Michigan, including the Office of Tax Policy Research and The Erb Institute. Members of the group also serve in an editorial capacity at numerous professional journals.For more information on faculty research, please see their individual profiles.Also, please visit our seminars and special events for information on these. Ross Business Economics Seminar Series
   Ross Affiliated Research Centers
    Office of Tax Policy
    Frederick A. and Barbara M. Erb Institute
       for Global Sustainable Enterprise
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