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Faculty Profiles


Name Office Phone & Fax Email
Ryan Todd Ball
Assistant Professor of Accounting  
R3322  p: (734) 764-3175 
Karen S. Bird
Lecturer of Accounting, Director of Accounting GSI Development  
R3340  p: (734) 763-0214
f:  (734) 936-0282 
Theodore Edward Christensen
Visiting Professor of Accounting, Stephen M Ross School of Business  
R3368  p: (734) 763-7764 
James M. DeSimpelare
Lecturer of Accounting  
R3486  p: (734) 764-2552
f:  (734) 615-4323 
Raffi Indjejikian
Robert L. Dixon Collegiate Professor of Accounting  
R5360  p: (734) 936-1460
f:  (734) 936-8716 
Itay Kama
Visiting Associate Professor of Accounting  
R3336  p: (734) 647-7926
f:  (734) 936-0282 
Charles F. Klemstine
Lecturer of Accounting  
R3326  p: (734) 764-0122
f:  (734) 936-0282 
William N. Lanen
Associate Dean, Global Initiatives; KPMG Professor of Accounting;  
R3318  p: (734) 763-0487
f:  (734) 615-4323 
Reuven Lehavy
Victor L. Bernard -Price Waterhouse Coopers LLP Collegiate Professor of Accounting; Accounting Area Chair  
R3490  p: (734) 763-1508
f:  (734) 936-0282 
Philip Lewis
Visiting Associate Professor of Business, Stephen M Ross School of Business 
Feng Li
Jones Research Scholar & Associate Professor of Accounting  
R3366  p: (734) 936-2771
f:  (734) 936-0282 
David A Maber
Assistant Professor of Accounting  
R3350  p: (734) 763-5934
f:  (734) 936-0282 
Gregory S. Miller
Michael R. and Mary Kay Hallman Fellow & Professor of Accounting  
R3354  p: (734) 763-6039
f:  (734) 936-8715 
Venky Nagar
Associate Professor of Accounting  
R3374  p: (734) 647-3292 
Ted O'Leary
Adjunct Professor of Accounting  
  p: (734) 546-5855 
Dennis Oswald
Visiting Assistant Professor  
R3328  p: (734) 763-5935
f:  (734) 936-6631 
Catherine Shakespeare
Teitelbaum Research Scholar & Associate Professor of Accounting; Faculty Director, Master of Accounting Program  
R3372  p: (734) 647-6984
f:  (734) 936-0282 
Lloyd Tanlu
Visiting Assistant Professor of Business, Stephen M Ross School of Business Administration  
R3322  p: (734) 763-4538 
Hal Derric White
Ernst and Young Fellow & Assistant Professor of Accounting;  
R3368  p: (734) 764-8243
f:  (734) 936-0282 
Christopher Don Williams
Assistant Professor of Accounting, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Norman E. Auerbach Faculty Fellow  
R3360  p: (734) 647-2842 
Jefferson P. Williams
Lecturer of Accounting  
R3484  p: (734) 763-5933
f:  (734) 615-4323 
David W. Wright
Associate Professor of Accounting;  
R3320  p: (734) 763-1292
f:  (734) 936-0282 
Emeritus Faculty
Carleton H. Griffin
Professor Emeritus of Accounting  
E1434  p: (734) 647-4908 
Eugene A. Imhoff
Ernst & Young Professor of Accounting  
  p: (734) 730-0620 
James S. Reece
Professor Emeritus of Operations and Management Science; Professor Emeritus of Accounting  
Offsite  p: (734) 995-1829 
James E. Wheeler
Professor Emeritus of Accounting  
Offsite  p: (734) 764-2322