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  The Paton Accounting Center provides faculty, students, and practitioners with an opportunity to become part of the ongoing developments in academic accounting teaching and research. As such, the mission of the Paton Accounting Center is to do all that is necessary to maintain our tradition of excellence in accounting education, excellence in teaching, and high quality academic research.

The center’s mission is achieved by facilitating activities that attract and help to retain students and faculty of the highest caliber, organizing conferences, maintaining strong relationships with public accounting firms, and funding high quality research. The Paton Center and its many specific initiatives, such as the Kapnick Workshop Series and the Paton Scholarship Fund, have played a central role in maintaining the tradition of excellence in accounting education at the Ross School of Business.

Advisory Board
     for Excellence in Accounting Education

Paton Scholarship Fund Brochure

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Paton Accounting Center Faculty Director:

    Reuven Lehavy


William Andrew Paton